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Promotion is a kind of communication between the buyer and the seller. Generally, a seller tries to persuade the buyer or consumer to purchase their products or services through promotions. It helps the consumers to create an awareness of a product, service, or company. Also, it helps to improve the public image of a company besides driving revenue and building consumer databases rapidly. 

In recent times, inviting consumers by creating In-Pack Promotion and On-Pack Promotion has been a simple and cost-effective method of marketing. The reason is that it creates interest in the minds of buyers and also generates loyal customers.

From the business point of view, all you have to do is use On-Pack or In-Pack Promotions through advertising to get the word out and invite the consumers to your website. This helps the consumers to enter their unique code, enter sweepstakes or play an instant-win game, and possibly win a life-changing prize.

What is On-Pack Promotion?

On-Pack Promotion is a sales promotion technique incorporated into the packaging of a product. This is commonly used for products that are in the retail sector and not as useful for the service sector. It is a very popular technique used in fast-moving consumer goods.

The emphasis is on the uniqueness of the program that is being offered along with the packaging materials which have to be controlled. Also, it has been a convenient way to promote your brand besides being a great strategy for marketing managers who want their brand to stand out from other competitors in the retail environment.

What is In-Pack Promotion?

In-Pack Promotion is a marketing technique in the form of coupons which means coupons are inserted inside a product. They offer great opportunities for the sellers to encourage the consumers to make repeated purchases, cross-promote other products, provide helpful information, drive customers to sign up for e-newsletters, and enhance the brand and message.

You should know your target audience to make them more satisfactory, think practically that what you are going to provide should be complementary to the product itself, grab customer attention with a unique visual appearance, and set your budget to make effective promotional products for your brand.

Different Types of In-Pack/On-Pack Promotions

There are many different ways to promote your On-Pack Promotion and engage with participants. Some of them include: 

  • Coupon
  • Scratch card
  • On-Pack sticker / Peel & Reveal Promotions
  • Inside the pack
  • Lot numbers/ Barcodes
  • QR code/ “Pin On-Pack
  • Code & Receipt validation
  • Digital (Microsite)

5 Benefits of In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions

In-Pack Promotion and On-Pack Promotion are mostly used and loved techniques to drive your sales by making your product stand out on the shelf. It has various other benefits like

  • Collecting Customer Data – If you include a microsite in your design, it allows you to capture valuable information and provide insight about your customers. Each and every time when a customer enters the competition you can gather a lot of information starting from a simple email address for your next online marketing campaign to addressing more detailed questions for consumer research.
  • Engage Customers and Drive Customer Retention – Interacting with your customers besides providing gifts from time to time will enhance customer satisfaction and also increase the chances of becoming loyal customers to your brand.
  • Increase Sales – As you know, everyone loves the idea of winning a freebie or a prize for free. On-Pack and In-Pack Promotions can ensure that your product stands out amongst the other competitors on the shelf. Also, it encourages consumers to make larger purchases.
  • Increase Word of Mouth – By offering an In-Pack Promotion/On-Pack Promotion, there can be increased chances where your customers start speaking about your brand to their friends & family maximizing the sales. Winners may even show off their prizes on social media which can further influence other people to purchase.
  • Cost-Effective Method – It is a budget-friendly marketing tool compared to other popular advertising forms, especially media when trying to build your brand. This can create your brand reputation which would benefit immensely from increased impressions.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Innovating Promotions

Today, packaging has to be given utmost importance where it should stand out from the crowd to encourage consumer interaction. As you must be aware, in the retail environment, only On-Pack Promotions are the most widely used form of sales promotion.

Innovative In-Pack Promotions are an effective way of standing out amongst price promotions and also create a stand out at the point of purchase. Your vital role is to take a stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket where you will get exposed to a host of offers specially designed to grab your attention and sway the decision-making process.

The best On-Pack Promotions will have the ability to not only encourage purchase but to strengthen the brand image and build customer loyalty. To make it more attractive, you ought to connect emotionally with your customers by understanding their likes, interests, routines, and problems.

Being customer-centric is not an innovative approach, instead understanding the emotions and preferences of the consumers, combining your creative and strategic thoughts together, and adding fuel to your brand with amazing packaging and promotions. This can make it a huge hit among customers. Moreover, utilize technological advancements to the fullest for making innovative packaging and promotional mechanics efficient and affordable.

How to Create In-Pack/ On-Pack Promotions for the Consumers?

The In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions can come in various forms. The main criteria are that it should play a key role In-Packaging. The ways to create these types of promotions in the marketing field to attract consumers is by including these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Understand Your Product and Target Customers – Market research is significant for In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions as it will help you make a better judgment of your campaign, regardless of choosing the strategy to implement. 
  • Step 2: Determine the Pricing – Sales promotions always require an additional capital loss. If you own multiple fighter brands in retail, ensure not to invest in the On-Pack and In-Pack Promotions to make a loss. It is better to take some time to plan out your expenses and returns.
  • Step 3: Make Branding – The most crucial part of creating In-Pack promotion and On-Pack promotion is branding. It is not about boosting sales volume, but creating brand recognition is a must factor. Relate your promotions to your brand to an extent. Ensure your packaging has your website and a brand logo along with the country of origin. These can be some features of packaging that aids with branding.


To summarize, if you want to know more regarding how to make your brand stand out amongst your competitors using effective In-Pack Promotion and On-Pack Promotion, or if you are looking for a partner agency to team up with for any other promotions, you can contact our experts at CX Box as we provide you the best service possible with interactive promotions in the marketing field.