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Best Loyalty Program management agency in India

Get the Best B2B loyalty programs from CXBOX

CXBOX is expertise in deploying & managing the B2B loyalty programs for Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Influencers & sales teams across Asia-pacific region.

Member Registration

Dealers, Distributors, Retailers & Influencers are the members of a B2B Loyalty program.

Points Based Loyalty Engine

In channel Loyalty program members will earn points on purchasing the regular products.

QR code Based Loyalty Program

Each product package will have a QR code and the member of channel loyalty program will scan the QR code in the mobile app.

SMS Based Loyalty Program

Coupon codes are placed inside the product packing and Members will SMS that coupon code to a Virtual Mobile Number.

Best Loyalty Program management agency in India

Asia's leading loyalty program management company for Channel partners such as dealers distributors, wholesellers and retailers

Channel Loyalty programs are the critical pillars of sales growth across different sales channels of the brand. Channel loyalty programs help in engaging and encouraging the stakeholders of your channel network to sell the products and services. CXBOX associates at any  level with its clients in channel program strategies and build cost effective programs for the regional channel loyalty program implementation.

Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Increase Billing Value

Channel Loyalty Program helps manufacturers to increase the billing value of dealers & distributors

Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Brand Recognition​

Make your dealers, distributors & Influencers think about your brand when they thought of buying a product.

Product Knowledge​

Increase your product knowledge to the channel network to sell the products by explaining the benefits and advantages.

Sales Management

Assign targets to the sales team of channel network via points across sales geography locations

Brand Advocates​

Covert your stakeholders like retailers, dealers and distributors as your brand advocates to generate more sales.

Increased Distribution​

Incentive loyalty programs make the channel partners to prioritise your products and increase the sales volume.

Channel Partner Loyalty Rewards Program Software in India

CXBOX is India’s leading loyalty program management company for business / channel partners such as distributors, wholesellers and retailers


Build unique profitable relationship with business Stakeholders

CXBOX helps brands to create a successful channel loyalty program starting from the design to implementation in less than 45 days.


Strategic Planning on the existing business by understand the structure of current channel network for designing the framework of channel loyalty program


Enable internal IT Team to create the channel loyalty platform in web & Mobile. Communicate & train the stakeholders of the channel partner program


Understand the performance trends of the channel loyalty program by periodic reviews and data analytics to increase the ROI of Channel Loyalty program


Build and Communicate the stakeholders with channel loyalty program and recommend new campaign ideas for improving channel program

Benefits Of Channel Loyalty Programmes

Identify Challenges

Channel Loyalty programme helps in identifying the key challenges in Distribution business model.

Unique Strategy

Channel Loyalty program helps in implementing unique strategies based on market research.

Easy Communication

Channel loyalty program Communicates with business stakeholders via SMS,Email, Whatsapp & Voice calls.

Data Analytics

Channel Loyalty programs serves rich and meaningful analytics to the brands

Scalable & Measurable

Channel Loyalty solutions are scalable & Measurable based on different parameters

Cloud Based Technology

Channel loyalty Mobile Apps & Web Apps are developed in cloud Technology for easy Implementation

B2B Loyalty Program: Successful Strategies for Businesses are offered by CXBOX in India

Our Program Expertise

High performance B2B Channel Loyalty Programs

Channel Partner Loyalty Program Solutions

Channel / Trade Loyalty Program Management

Dealer Loyalty Programs by CXBOX - Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Dealer Loyalty Programs

CXBOX offers the best dealer loyalty program for 360 degree loyalty implementation to the dealers. Dealers get multiple business options in the market but they pretend to choose only the trusted brands to improve their business. loyalty rewards program makes the dealer feel personalised and increases the dealer lifetime value with the brand.

Influencer Loyalty Programs by CXBOX - Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Influencer Loyalty Programs

Influencer Loyalty programs are exclusively designed by CXBOX for gratifying the loyalty customers. Advanced Loyalty platform designed by CXBOX to avoid traditional marketing difficulties.Influencer Loyalty program serves the influencers with attractive loyalty and rewards to increase influencer footprint.

Customised Loyalty program by CXBOX - Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Customized Loyalty Programs

Channel loyalty programs can be customised on business requirements and build relationships. CXBOX serves omnichannel loyalty platform for implementing channel loyalty program in India. omni channel loyalty programs are most popular in channel loyalty to increase distributor footfalls and retain channel partners. in India. channel partner loyalty program motivates the stakeholders.

Multilayered Loyalty Programs by CXBOX - Best Channel Loyalty Programs in India

Multilayered Loyalty Programs

Multilayered Loyalty program is also called a multi-tier loyalty programs creates multiple tiers across the stakeholders of the loyalty program. Each tier will be created by CXBOX strategy team with different loyalty criteria and reward benefits. CXBOX helps to create brand channel programs with any number of layers required by the brand.

incentive plan for sales team

Sales Incentive Programs

Incentive plan for sales team is most important in sales person's performance. CXBOX helps in designing incentives for the sales based on their specific job roles. we classify the incentives as Presales incentives, FOS Incentives, High Level Incentives and Omnichannel incentives and also create Advanced-analytics-based target setting.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program for dealers, distributors, wholesalers, agents, and sales teams

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Channel Programs - Asia

Best Strategical Ideas for an effective Channel Loyalty Program

Farmer Loyalty Programs

Farmer Loyalty Program by CXBOX Increase the Market presence of your products.Respond to the farmers on time about your products.Identify the top performing farmers in a region.Increase sales team engagement with farmers.Improve sales process in a automated way.Make the sales team meet farmers during agriculture seasons. Implement a Loyalty program for farmers today.

loyalty retail programs
loyalty retail programs

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