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Best Loyalty Program management agency in India

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CXBOX is expertise in deploying & managing the B2B loyalty programs for Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Influencers & sales teams across Asia-pacific region.

Member Registration

Dealers, Distributors, Retailers & Influencers are the members of a B2B Loyalty program.

Points Based Loyalty Engine

In channel Loyalty program members will earn points on purchasing the regular products.

QR code Based Loyalty Program

Each product package will have a QR code and the member of channel loyalty program will scan the QR code in the mobile app.

SMS Based Loyalty Program

Coupon codes are placed inside the product packing and Members will SMS that coupon code to a Virtual Mobile Number.

Best Loyalty Program management agency in India

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Channel Loyalty programs are the critical pillars of sales growth across different sales channels of the brand. Channel loyalty programs help in engaging and encouraging the stakeholders of your channel network to sell the products and services.

Increase Billing Value

Channel Loyalty Program helps manufacturers to increase the billing value of dealers & distributors

Brand Recognition​

Make your dealers, distributors & Influencers think about your brand when they thought of buying a product.

Product Knowledge​

Increase your product knowledge to the channel network to sell the products by explaining the benefits and advantages.

Sales Management

Assign targets to the sales team of channel network via points across sales geography locations

Brand Advocates​

Covert your stakeholders like retailers, dealers and distributors as your brand advocates to generate more sales.

Increased Distribution​

Incentive loyalty programs make the channel partners to prioritise your products and increase the sales volume.


How We Works.

CXBOX helps brands to create a successful channel loyalty program starting from the design to implementation in less than 45 days.


Strategic Planning on the existing business by understand the structure of current channel network for designing the framework of channel loyalty program


Enable internal IT Team to create the channel loyalty platform in web & Mobile. Communicate & train the stakeholders of the channel partner program


Understand the performance trends of the channel loyalty program by periodic reviews and data analytics to increase the ROI of Channel Loyalty program


Build and Communicate the stakeholders with channel loyalty program and recommend new campaign ideas for improving channel program

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Different B2B Loyalty Programs

Dealer Loyalty Programs by CXBOX

Dealer Loyalty Programs

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Influencer Loyalty Programs by CXBOX

Influencer Loyalty Programs

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Multilayered Loyalty Programs by CXBOX

Multilayered Loyalty Programs

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Customised Loyalty program by CXBOX

Customised Loyalty Programs

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