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Loyalty Program Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

CXBOX created a list of FAQs for clients who gets easy ideas of Loyalty programs. 

A loyalty program is designed as a marketing strategy to encourage the customers and to use the services regularly. In loyalty programs Customers earn points as rewards and that makes them in repeated purchase.

1.Point based programs
2.Cash back loyalty programs
3.Punch card programs
4.Tiered loyalty programs
5.Coalition loyalty programs
6.Premium loyalty programs
7.Hybrid loyalty programs

1.It increases revenue.
2.Saving money.
3.Gathers valuable data.
4.Make customers feel appreciated.
5.Sales will be increased.
6.Measure loyalty through engagement.
7.Better communication.
8.Self sufficient good program.
9.Attracting new customers.
10.Plenty of room for growth.

Omni channel CRM is a core effort to enable new strategies.It integrates latest technologies in the products and makes it trend to the customers.The omni channel CRM supports the key activities like targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding and collaborating.

  • The six purposes of loyalty programs are
    Boosts growth and sales.
  • Maintain and gain customers.
  • More traffic to the site and marketing.
  • Build relationships.
  • Create brand advocates.
  • Improves overall business practices.

Pos system is more important as it reduces human errors in manual tasks and data collection from retail outlets

At first, study the customers behaviour and create the customer loyalty program.Set goals and budget measure with a CRM.Then set a budget and decide customers to target.

Choose a perfect great name with deeper meaning.And offer a variety of rewards to the customer actions.Make points valuable.Then provide multiple opportunities for customers to enroll.

CX business suite is a collection of tools and experiences designed particularly for implementing retail loyalty program. It makes a quick overview and analysis of customer data. It executes loyalty programs with the existing customer data.

A loyalty program is a reward program to answer the industry specific challenges.In retail it has large selling opportunities by giving access to vast products from various brands.

The point based loyalty program is designed with different earning rules.The customer’s purchases, behavior, and specific interactions will be rewarded. Customers receives loyalty points on their each purchase and redeem it with some special benefits.

A people counting system is an electronic device known as people counter.It saves money and gains valuable analytics, improves the visitor experience and optimises operations.

Footfall counter is an electronic device to measure the number of people who passes through a certain entrance.This footfall counting machine is designed with infrared time of flight technology.

The channel loyalty program is designed to get support from channel partners. And this expands the business growth.This loyalty program helps in selling products and services to the stakeholders like distributors, dealers and retailers.

Channel sales incentives, channel SPIFFs, channel rebates, reference incentives, warranty registrations and bundling, enablement and training incentives, loyalty incentives and partner retention, channel marketing incentives, activity based incentives, VAR incentives.

The business to business loyalty program is designed with loyalty logic inorder to help by establishing brand loyalty in which they are selling.

B2B loyalty program plays a vital role in e-commerce.It is used in building long term relationships and more access to the clients and also in potential business engagements.

1.Engaging resources should be given to b2b clients.
2.Educate customers in a right way.
3.Customers to be improved by their feedback.
4.keep fingers on customer’s pulse.
5.Make business personal.
6.Loyal customers to be treated with a surprise.
7.Non-stop communication.
8.Build trust with a social proof.

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