What we do?

No, there is no limit we can add stores according to our programs, and the important thing is it will be billed for each and every store.

Yes, we can run both loyalty program and gift card program in the same store. Many number of programs can also be able to run in the store.

Yes, we will help you but at first, you should send us a mail or a call and we will illustrate about the value-added reseller program.

No, we won’t offer refunds but you will be getting a 14-day trial which will be functioned fully. And by that, you can test our tools.

There will be no long term contract.It will be like you have to sign month to month.In case if you are planning to cancel the contracts a notice period is mandatory.

SLA is nothing but service legal agreements. It doesn’t matter whether the customers are big or small everyone will be getting service legal agreements with the specialized requirements.

Yes, we offer a 30 day free trial for the customers.

Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, Debit Order, and EFT are the payment methods that can be accepted.

Yes, the tools can be used. The existing customers and cards will be imported to the new card and by this, there will be no interruption to the customers.

Yes, the loyalty cards can be used by the clients at any of my locations.

Yes, the locations can be separated and so the clients can use their card at the local branch.

Yes, the customer database of us should be accessed.

Yes, the card numbers should be entered in the excel sheet, and it can be imported to the system. The card numbers will be about 15 to 16 digits.

Yes, even if not using a POS the loyalty can be runned via web terminal.

No, the customer’s contact number can be used as a card number. They will be provided a keypad so that they should enter the number at the front counters.

No, card printing is not included an outsourced card company will be provided and by that a special pricing will be done for that.

No, you must get the card data from us.

The loyalty box makes money by setup fees and monthly fees per store.

Our clients pay 30c per SMS in South Africa apart from the setup and monthly fee. Signage, design, and marketing requires some additional costs which are not involved in these services.

The loyalty program is setup to the customer’s mobile and the app is setup within few working days. The monthly subscription fee will be generated from the 7th of the following month. Then a 4 weeks grace period will be provided for the customer’s cards which is worked by the loyalty program.

At first the loyalty program is integrated to the pos and by that integration the setup fee will be debited as per the pos notification.The debit will be completed if the loyalty program is managed through the web terminal.

Yes, the existing cards can be imported to the loyalty box. And it will be easier to take over any existing loyalty program. The imported details will be like the customer’s details and balance on the card.

About ten thousand cards are ordered by the loyalty box per month. Cards are ordered through preferred suppliers. And the cards will be having their respective barcodes and by scanning that card numbers will be generated.

Yes, and the cost of the sample card is 350. And the price of the card is variable.(I.e., it tends to change).

Cards take about 20 days for production by approx and that too it will be after payment and signed off artwork.

First a sample card is printed before signing off an artwork. And if the order is signed off it will be final and binding.But the color of the exact Pantone match can’t be guaranteed.

A well-documented resource library is provided for the training session. The library offers video walk as well as manuals to assist us. The training will be billed at about R950 ex vat per hour and the traveling excluded.

A great resource library and team will be supporting by providing documented tutorials and walkthrough videos. The queries which are supportable will be billed at R650 per hour and performed in the web terminal.

The SMS costs R0.30 ex vat by local and between 60c and R1 by international. And at the same time, customer data can be sent through the existing SMS portal.

Yes, the discounts on the pricing of larger franchise chains will be offered.

If you want to become a reseller our sales team will be helpful to you.

As a reseller, you will be having a number of incentive-based reseller programs all around the globe.

To integrate with the POS system the sales and support team will be helpful. An accessible API will be provided so that the integration will be quick and easy.

While integration, a complete list of POS system will be found.

Many eCommerce platforms are integrated and it can be worked quickly and easily.

No, the stores won’t be available as much as you expected.

No, transaction fees is required which is involved in contract with the loyalty box.

The online campaign manager will be used to send the SMS and email promotions to the customers by the retailers with the help of the loyalty box.

CX BOX Modules

The customer loyalty is nothing but the customer’s stay loyal.(I.e., Among the overall competition of different brands the customers will be deciding to choose your brand).And the customer retention is something like creating a strong bond between you both and making them to buy your products again and again.

The customers are loyal to the brands by the following factors.

  • Personalized Value
  • Expertise and Service.
  • Trust.
  • Shared Core Values.
  • Connectivity and Availability.
  • Authenticity.
  • Engagement.
  • Fun and Perks.

The values of the products will be conveyed effectively and B2B buyers will be educating people about their brands and create awareness. The digital hubs are provided by the modern customer loyalty programs. A digital hub is nothing but a shared workspace where the customers will be able to interact with the brand.

  • The loyalty programs will be working high if
  • During the competition, 77% of people should prefer to choose your brand.
  • 115% will be about to provide referrals.
  • About 78% will be able to pay higher prices for the products.
  • The overall spend will be increased by 91%.

The customer loyalty programs will be more helpful by giving the tools to engage, communicate, and build personalized relationships with the customers. It also increases the engagement of customers with a positive impact on profitability.

The loyalty programs will be increasing sales by

  • Building mind share and brand awareness.
  • The retention of the customer will be improved.
  • It changes buyers behaviors to lower cost to serve and customer response time.
  • The B2B customers provide referrals and valuable sales and marketing data.

The more the effective loyalty program there will be a great value proposition for the customers. The greater rewards will be providing plenty of collateral for effective loyalty marketing. And finally, the marketing of loyalty program will be done through emails, mailers, SMS, and phone calls.

By providing regular communication through the multiple channels.
Emotional connections with the customers will be created by personalized non-cash rewards.
The brands of us should be unique from other brands. Many interactive quizzes, trivia, and content marketing is done to make customers more aware about our brands.
Limited-time promotions for bonus points will be scheduled and also assigning big point bonuses for certain points.

  • The most beneficial thing is if a customer retention is increased by 5% it increases profitability by 25% to 95%.
  • Long term customers spend 67% more than the new customers.
  • About 60 to 70% for the repeat customers.
  • Acquiring a new customer is up to 500% more costly than a current one.

Volume incentive rebates are the discounts provided to B2B customers based on the order quantities and rewards. The price will be cheaper if the customer orders more products. And this makes the customers to buy the products in bulk.

  • The loyalty programs fail because
  • Ineffective program marketing.
  • Poor user experience.
  • There will be a lack in omnichannel customer engagement strategies.
  • And other loyalty programs offer more compelling rewards.
  • The fulfillment of rewards is too slow to the meaningful shift behavior.
  • The goals will be unattainable and unrealistic for most members.
  • Customers can’t provide proper feedback.
  • Due to lack of re-engagement strategies and new loyalty programs the program grows stale. (I.e., it won’t be fresh anymore).

CXBOX Rewards Loyalty Program FAQ

The selling of products to the existing customers will be easier than by selling to new ones. The cost for the existing customers will be reasonable. But at the same time the cost for the new customers will be five times more. The satisfied customers will be having recommendations and testimonials. And thus, the investment in paying to customer loyalty is more important.

The reason and the customer needs will be revealed only if you lose customers. The customers will stop buying only because of a small percentage of dissatisfaction. The employees should be trained on how to be in contact with the customers. The contact of the customers makes them to stay loyal it can be done through face to face, over the phone, or on social media.

  • At first, we should identify how many customers will come back and make a repeat purchase and stay loyal.
  • The customers will be surveyed and recommend to their friends too.
  • Monitoring about the customers are on social media or online forums.
  • Monitoring the customers by new enquiries, that they are joined via recommendation or an existing one.
  • The customers will be asked for feedback for better improvement.
  • Training the front line employees to make a good impression.
  • The employees should understand how to engage with followers on social media.
  • The knowledge of products and services to every member of staff should be ensured.
  • The promises given to the customers should be maintained.The delays should be avoided.
  • The mantra honesty is the best policy should be followed.
  • Offering a no- quibble guarantee.

The customer’s details should be recorded as

  • buying patterns, including seasonality.
  • products purchased.
  • payment record or credit rating.
  • potential sales and purchasing trends.
  • dealings with your competitors.
  • what you need to do to secure more business from them.

The customers should be given key account status to business.The volume growth, quality, delivery expectations and the support services should be satisfied.The customers who act as advocates (I.e.,people who supports your products) should be focused more.And those are the ones whom we should give the key account status to.

The first skill is to recognize the customer contact and that will create a good or bad impression of business as a whole. The employees should be highly knowledgeable and competent so that they can deal with the customers professionally. This makes the time to be managed. And as a basic, the employees should have basic communication skills, spelling and a good grammar. Because incase if not it will ruin the credibility of letters or emails.

The complaints of the customers will be handled naturally and effectively but some with higher authority. The services should be done to the customers according to their point of view. If something seems to be wrong ask the mistakes to the customers and apologize. The complaints of the customers will be more valuable and it will improve your performance.

Before monitoring, we should be sure that we are providing the right elements of service. This makes the customers to identify which aspects will be most important to them. The spot checks on customer aspects will be most important to them. The fulfillment of customer needs will be much easier once if you get to know them. This will be helpful to set realistic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Yes, because the customers will be feeling more encouraging frequent purchases and also make the customers to buy more. The loyalty schemes are based on the rewards given to the loyal customers. And some other schemes will offer discounts or goods to the loyal customers.