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Best Loyalty Program management agency in India

Make your Marketing easy with Customer Loyalty Programs

Nuture your customers lifecycle with CX Business suite – A Exclusive customer Loyalty platform for APAC Region. CX Business suite enabled with the best data analytics tools internally and can be used a 360 degree customer enagement platform for retail brand.

Retail Store Integration

CX business suite can be integrated with any retail & POS system for building customer loyalty programs.

Ecommerce Integration

CX business suite can be integrated with Ecommerce platforms like magenta, WooCommerce systems or any online Cart systems for building customer loyalty programs.

Mobile App Integration

CX business suite can be integrated with static & dynamic mobile apps for building customer loyalty programs.


Asia's No.1 Cloud Based Customer Loyalty Platform

Plug & Play tool for all types of loyalty programs & Campaigns


Our expert team will do the basic market research before executing a customer loyalty program using fleet on street and store executives to understand the current market presence of the brand.


CXBOX provides the world class customer engagement platform CX Business Suite which Connects multiple data sources of your brand like any billing machine, any CRM or Data management platforms.


Our Customer loyalty platform analyse the given data from the brand and set the right set of expectation to the audience with best offers & gifts which brings them back to the store.


CX Business suite is a plug and play loyalty solution with international loyalty features and advance APIs for retail, healthcare and Ecommerce companies in Asia-pacific region.

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  • Loyalty Dashboard
  • Member Dashboard
  • Loyalty Engine
  • Campaign Planner & Scheduler
  • 360 degree Campaign Analysis
  • Coupons & Gifts Engine
  • Coupons & Gifts Tracker
  • Advanced Reports
  • Advanced Lists
Personal private shopping tour with stylist.Professional individual assistance for client,shopper,wo

RFM analysis in Customer Loyalty Programs

CX Business suite helps in providing global marketing services based on RFM Analysis.

Member Recency

Recency - Age of your customer from the date of first purchase.

Member Frequency

Frequency - Number of purchases done by that particular customer.

Monetary Value

Monetary - Track your customers cart value on regular intervals.


Latest Customer Loyalty Works.

Our projects are created and deployed internally with our experts by 50+ years of collective team experience.

Understand more about your customers & Increase Cart Value of your Customers through our customer loyalty programs


Clothing store

Apparel Loyalty Program

Apparel loyalty programs based on buy valued preferred products of the member

A young woman in a store chooses oranges.

Grocery Loyalty Program

Converts One time customers to frequent buyers via points system


Ecommerce Loyalty Program

Build loyal customers & Brand advocates of Ecommerce portals

What is Omni Channel Loyalty Program?

Loyalty program which is applicable in all sales points of a brand becomes omni Channel for the user.
Points can be earned in all the business locations.Points can be redeemed across all the sales channels.Rewards while shopping in store.Offers while buying in Ecommerce portal of the brand.Loyalty benefits across all the locations.CXBOX offers best loyalty program solutions based on Omni Channel.

Reasons why Customer Loyalty programs are important in India Market

1. stand different from the competitors 2. Address the client demands on product modification 3. Have one on one communication with the clients 4. Understand more about the clients 5. Bring referral business

loyalty retail programs
loyalty retail programs

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