Implementing a Loyalty program for Painters in India

Loyalty program for Painters

Manufacturers and Distributors of paint products can create a Loyalty program for painters, dealers, contractors and paint users in India.
PAINTER Loyalty program helps in selling more paint products. Loyalty program for painters are designed to reinforce the sales process of the paint dealers, paint distributors, Influencers and multibrand paint retailers.

Loyalty program for painters helps in increasing the customer base of a paint manufacturing company. CXBOX helps paint manufacturers to implement a loyalty program with unlimited gifts & rewards to the painters. Painters are major influencers in buying a  paint product from the retailers.

Painters Loyalty program offers special benefits for retailers, wholesalers,dealers & Distributors who sell paint products in the market.

Three Steps in loyalty process are easy to use for the painters.

Register in Painter Loyalty Program
Collect Loyalty points by purchasing paint products
Redeem against rewards & gifts in the reward catalogue

Loyalty program for painters is a major and niche intiative in the hardware industry to maintain a sustainable growth in the business and encourage painters to buy your product.

Loyalty program for Painters

Painters Program by CXBOX

CXBOX brings new technology every year and make the program grow by involving more members to generate more business. It is not that normal marketing is a not really a reason to bring in sales from the esisting users. Existing users always expect something new in the market to place their footsteps in the same product.