20 Employee Recognition Ideas That Work

employee recognition
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In today’s competitive world, employee recognition is part of the company’s operations. Employees should be made meaningful by being recognized by company leadership and managers. It means paying and appreciation by their senior-level staff for their hard work which can add credit to their performance. This can often motivate and surprise an employee to make more new contributions which can benefit both the individual and the team.

We at CX Box provide peer-to-peer recognition and rewards by taking it to the next level where the employees can perform better and the employee recognition ideas customized by us can also make a shine by spotlighting the teams and individuals to make a huge difference.

Employee Recognition

Importance of Employee Recognition

If an organization doesn’t prioritize the employee with employee recognition it can miss a big boost in the bottom line which is specific about improving stock prices, NPS score and employee performance.

Enhances Engagement

Employee Recognition is the fastest way to engage the workforce. It can make the experience of the employees more impactful making it even greater with frequent recognitions. This can further enhance a company’s coordination or connection with their co-workers creating a healthy work culture with a satisfied workforce.

Boosts Productivity

When employees get to know they are appreciated, it keeps them more motivated to add more effort, making them take active participation in both productivity and performance. This can highly contribute to the organization’s success.

Gains Retention

A strong culture created by employee recognition makes them work with dedication. It is stated that the rate of the organization’s culture can be three times more likely with increased employee retention.

Also, the relationship between recognition and retention can go hand in hand with effective implementation of the employee recognition program which means an employee who gets frequently recognised makes the retention rates higher.

Acquiring satisfaction

When employee recognition is made it makes the employee willingly work for the organization with more happiness. This can also reflect in higher customer satisfaction where it can make the company improve more from the existing performance to ultimately create positivity in driving customer experiences.

Moreover, it strengthens the team relationships, establishes cultural expectations, etc.

Employee’s Recognition ideas for individuals

Employee Recognition individual

Firstly, at CX Box we understand the value of the employees’ work and strengthen the relationship of the manager and employee. The next step taken by us is to motivate them and tailor recognition for the individual employee.

1. Personalized recognition is easy to achieve as you can tailor some ideas which are relevant for employee recognition like offering a gift card or providing a personalized reward pertaining to their tastes and preferences.

2. Specific recognition can encourage specific elements of the employees’ skills like time management, knowledge of the product and team coordination which can make the expertise.

3. Unexpected recognition like service awards and birthdays can heighten the employees’ recognition with the accomplishments they have made in real-time to prove themselves and the work they have done on the behalf of the company.

Employee’s Recognition ideas for peers

Employee Recognition peer to peer

CX Box helps in offering peer-to-peer recognitions to make it a genuine expression of appreciation and commendation between the co-workers. Feeling appreciated is an essential part of the happiness of a human. It reinforces a positive self-image.

1. Staff recognition programs to promote company values and align the behaviour with them which adds affiliations to create employee retention with organizational values.

2. Flatter hierarchical structure to allow the employees to feel more involved in the decision-making process of the company.

3. Tremendous shot of motivation to improve productivity and efficiency which makes the employees work even more as they want to create more chances of appreciation.

4. Building strong teams to increase the employee turnover and the company turnover simultaneously which can make an effective platform to strengthen the bonds with the co-workers to achieve the business target.

Benefits of employee recognition

You can get in touch with CX Box one of the best loyalty program company as we are specialized in offering multiple benefits with our employee recognition programs. It can be highly beneficial to serve the smarter employees as listed below:

  • A strong employee recognition can be a huge asset that enhances a positive impact on turnover.
  • It motivates employees to work harder and smarter which can rank up the employees’ huge growth in career and at the same time gains the organization’s reputation.
  • It helps to actively recognize the behaviours of the employees that matter the most for the organization’s success to satisfy the new customers and retain the existing ones.
  • It can further retain consistent performers, implement new recognition programs and encourage stellar achievers while weeding out the employees who lack motivation.
  • The motivated employees get to keep the workplace buzzing and positive by encouraging their fellow employees to think outside the box to create betterment for themselves and for the company.
  • It creates healthy employee engagement making them to pull more happy clients for the business providing them with excellent customer service which is considered to be the key factor for the success of the organization.

20 Employee Recognition Ideas That Work Effectively

CX Box caters the mentioned employee recognition ideas which can be appreciated and used effectively benefitting both the employee and the organisation.

  1. Creating a culture of recognition.

Do not forget to recognize the employees who really deserve it. It has to be intentional beyond the formal employee’s recognition program to encourage the other team members as a whole to perform well and take the business to the next level.

  1. Starting a Kudos on Slack

Use instant messaging software like slacks to make the recognition powerful in the public. Also creating short kudos videos and sharing them on the Slack channel makes it extra fun and special.

  1. Giving public praise during all-hand greetings

It can be an easy way to pull people to look forward to meetings as they get recognized by their team as a sort of praise for their sincerity and dedication.

  1. Giving day-off after completion of a big project

Time off can be kind and important to most of the employees as they will be thankful for their hard work which makes them feel a lot more special than a few lines of email text.

  1. Starting a secret recognition Santa program

Employees can be given a random assigned teammate recognition for they have done something well. It can also be of simple verbal praise or virtual high-fives.

  1. Encouraging peer-to-peer recognition

Offering peer-to-peer recognition like incentivizing it with recognition, rewards or both can encourage and empower the employees is itself a praiseworthy act.

  1. Popping surprise thank-you meetings

A fun way to turn private recognition into public recognition by not making surprise recognition meetings disruptive.  Calling for a quick impromptu meeting and telling the team something has to be addressed right away can make a public shoutout for the good work.

  1. Celebrating milestones

Companies can offer substantial rewards relatively like a tangible present or a hefty gift card etc. Going one step further by taking the entire team for lunch or throwing a little office party would be indeed refreshing.

  1. Applauding personal achievements

Giving public kudos can strengthen relationships and help the employees to understand their personal goals like being attentive and making efforts that they have to give their best to have a valuable impact on the company’s growth.

  1. Handing out rewards on the spot

The managers can keep a supply of small rewards and hand it out by giving the team members a bit of casual praise to motivate them by doing their routine works well on a daily basis.

  1. Recognizing with a travelling trophy

Rewards often have a monetary value but it is not applicable all the time. Make the trophy unique for some sort of distinction like employee of the month or offer it as a rolling trophy to make others get the same recognition.

  1. Allowing an employee to choose the time or place

Host team-building events or work meetings at the employees’ favourite spot like a local restaurant or coffee shop as they can have an opportunity to earn direct input and make the occasion more pleasant based on their preferences.

  1. Avoiding to neglect the wall of appreciation

Do not ignore the employees who are worthy to be appreciated. Even if your wall is out-of-date, you can still update it and make the people feel recognized and appreciated.

  1. Highlighting your team on the company website

The company’s website can be an asset in raising the company’s standards. It also makes the employer feel so proud to have the achievers on board and makes the customers feel more comfortable.

  1. Posting employees’ performance on social media

Addressing an employees’ performance on social media gives an opportunity to recognize the employees which is valuable for the business and at the same time creates a direct impact on the customer.

  1. Sending care packages to employees

Sending a gift hamper to the remote employees can build a better workspace and offset some of the expenses of working from home matching the employees’ requirements would be a great help.

  1. Offering early finish or late starts

If an employee regularly nails the deadlines in completing a project, rewarding them with an extra time off or starting the work a bit later than the actual time will make them more energized.

  1. Featuring high performers list in the company’s newsletter

Keeping an eye out for employee’s excellence and giving them a shoutout regarding the next issue of the company newsletter makes others easily approach a selected employee regarding a certain issue.

  1. Giving LinkedIn recommendations

This can improve the online resume of the employees which will be recognized publicly and appreciated. It truly inspires the employees as it endorses certain skills enhancing the employees’ personal development.

  1. Leveraging your company swag

You can leverage company swag as another tactic especially with the rise of remote work. It will be useful if you give a specific compliment like providing small office items otherwise, they would have to purchase them.

To sum up, CX Box adopts a personalized approach in recognizing the employees to enjoy their rewards, feel valued and make exceptional outcomes for continued success.