Best Loyalty Program Companies in India

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A loyalty program deals mostly with points and rewards. The loyalty program companies help you to understand the factors that are essential to drive your customers with a customized approach. 

Top 10 Best loyalty program companies in India

These loyalty program companies in India help you to connect and accelerate the existing marketing efforts to deliver incremental value for your brand by offering exclusive services to its customers. 

1. CX Box

CXBOX is the leading loyalty program companies in India expanding its business verticals with a unique and implementable engagement strategy and end-to-end loyalty solutions for numerous clients across industry verticals.
Also, they offer great opportunities to collaborate with other businesses to retain a huge outreach in creating more positivity and longevity. They often surprise the clients beyond expectations with a wow factor to rewards management and last-mile fulfillment.

Best Loyalty Program Companies in India

2. Slingloft

Slingloft works with retailers and brands for customer loyalty, engagement and co-branding to improve the experience of the offline and online customers. It is categorized as one among the best loyalty program companies in India which helps to grow your business by designing your own loyalty programs with attractive measures and capturing customers’ journey by proper omni-channel presence and long-lasting customer engagement.

3. Accentiv Edenred

Accentiv Edenred is one of the best loyalty program companies in India to successfully implement incentive programs and loyalty platforms for most of the multinational corporations in framing a comprehensive strategy pertaining to technology, program management and reward fulfilment services. They also connect with employees, clients, customers and channel partners in many amazing aspects.

4. Evlovebrands

Evlovebrands has been listed as one of the best loyalty program companies in India to frame an immense strategy with the other competitors. You can rely on this company for developing, retaining and staying connected with customers, influencers and channel partners. This can make the business much easier for the existing customers to enhance their sales and creates a brand advocacy deepening the customers engagement. 

5. Channelplay

Channelplay are designed in a customized manner to execute the loyalty programs for key stakeholders with a focus on maximizing or expertizing drive engagement. They stand unique from other loyalty companies in India by providing a broad spectrum of loyalty services to succeed in a competitive retail environment through personalized rewards and standardized experiences according to the present era.

6. ONE Rewardz

One Rewardz offers customer engagement with an interactive solution standing as the best loyalty program companies in India with an aggregated network of services based on the target customers. They adapt with consumer-facing platforms and feedback driven intelligence besides the entire connectivity between brands and preferences based on the lifestyle challenges. 

7. Winggz

Winggz enables the trending businesses to create more attractive loyalty programs to increase customer retention and enhance customer acquisition by boosting the business growth. It offers exclusive loyalty schemes to increase the top line revenue by being the best engaging platform compared with the other loyalty program companies in India.


IMAST provides a really wide range of services to enhance the overall performance by giving a constant rise in the sales graphs. It is stupendously efficient with individualized and collective efforts making it listed as the best loyalty program companies in India enabling 360-degree growth with deep and vital insights.

9. WovVTech

WovVTech Technologies are focussed on building excellent products to make sure they deliver a seamless customer experience. This loyalty program company in India accelerates the business growth to the next level with a crafted vision to solve the customer’s real needs and problems by transforming your ideas in an excellent way.

10. GRG India

GRG India is recognised for the customer engagement solutions which helps the organisations to reach their business goals with a wide scope of expansion.  This loyalty program company in India has innovative solutions in assisting you with the quality services by considering the people, customers and brand as the most valuable assets,