Whatsapp Business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu, India

Whatsapp Business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu, India
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Communicate and support your consumers on their favourite messaging tool

WhatsApp Business API

The chatbot is a program suitable for business enterprises by the process of communication with users using pre-filled messages either in the form of texts or voice. But for a WhatsApp Chatbot, its definition depends on its application. A WhatsApp business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu integrates with other systems to automate your sales and sends bulk notifications to the customers using your WhatsApp Business Account.

It is essential If you seek to scale your business on WhatsApp, where you have to provide the experience of your website by recommending the products, sending reminders, showing categories, and effectively communicating with your customers.

Benefits of Whatsapp business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu

  • It assists your users even in non-operational hours.
  • It saves the expenses incurred for hiring multiple agents.
  • It can handle multiple chats unlike humans at a single time.
  • It can be fast and highly efficient.
  • It can also be integrated with multiple backend systems which include CRM and marketing platforms which helps in reward fulfilment services, loyalty services etc.,

WhatsApp business API chatbot in Tamilnadu, India

WhatsApp Chatbot and Conversation Design

When you build a WhatsApp bot for your WhatsApp Business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu account, it will definitely be the first interactive face of your business and the most critical aspect i.e., using the conversation design.

Conversation design helps you to build all the frequent conversations that your customer can have by using your WhatsApp Bot. It is considered to be the core of your WhatsApp automation to help you identify the needs of your customers and their ways of posing a single question.

Some users get frustrated when a Chatbot fails to deliver the correct answer. This is when the WhatsApp Business API chatbot in Tamilnadu creates a conversational design to boost the user experience and raise the percentage of the queries by which the WhatsApp bot can answers

Critical Conversational Marketing Statistics for WhatsApp business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu

A. Building Multiple Chatbot Flows: helps the users to meet your end goals which could probably be some purchase or form. Using the multiple chatbot flows, your Conversational Design can be made highly efficient.

B. Adding Useful Fallbacks: No chatbot can respond to 100% of the queries which is the Chatbot failure or Fallback. While designing a conversation, ensure not to give a very common fallback reply like ‘I can’t answer this for now, sorry!

C. Do not Over Market: While designing the conversation ensure that the chatbot acts as an assistant by communicating with polite gestures. Show only useful things to your customers. Do not over-market or brag too much regarding your products.

D. Avoiding Long texts:  Keep your chatbot’s responses short, simple and effective. For WhatsApp business API chatbot in Tamilnadu attaching a document or a media along with your short message would look good.

E. Improving the UX:  Make the business more precise. The goal of conversation design is to improve the UX (User experience) using the WhatsApp business API Chatbot. This will help you build your brand value on WhatsApp. 

Features of using WhatsApp business API Chatbot:

  • You must be aware of the platforms that can help you to build a Chatbot but understand it won’t work only on your WhatsApp Number. You need to buy WhatsApp API from a platform like CXBOX which can support you with WhatsApp Chatbot Integration.
  • Our WhatsApp Chatbot in CXBOX will be unique compared to your web chatbot which can help you create your own CRM and dashboard systems.
  • We help you to monitor your chats and analytics and assist you to use the pre-built platform for the same.
  • CXBOX helps you to get an entire dashboard with cool and attractive features like Chatbot Builder, API integrations, Contact Management, and much more.
  • You needn’t be a programmer to build a WhatsApp Chatbot. CXBOX helps you to create conversational blocks with latest features like Default Action, Pre-made conversational flows, etc.


WhatsApp Business API Chatbot helps you to interact and acquire more and more customers. Your customers need not wait for long hours to get their queries resolved. Using the WhatsApp business API Chatbot in Tamilnadu makes you more efficient, interactive, friendly, and builds your brand value with the right conversation design.