Sales Employee Engagement

Sales Employee Engagement

In accordance with CityAM, disengaged workers are costing the UK around #85bn a year in lost productivity.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking past the negative effect on productivity, it is apparent that unmotivated and unhappy workers can be quite harmful to our organization. Not only do they exude business development but they tear down team morale and even damage our relationship with our clients.

It is, therefore, no surprise that firms who operate employee recognition programmes are more likely to reach their goals, keep hold of high talent and stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

The high stakes of Sales make employee engagement a fundamental part of our company. Turnover is particularly high within this industry due to the hard demands and tightly measured metrics we use to control our sales groups.

Whereas shedding the dead weight of those sales reps who are frequently lost their quota and negatively affecting team morale is a cleansing and essential expertise, losing top talent really can hurt. The typical salesperson takes around 6 weeks to be fully functioning and effective, so letting valuable team members move can lengthen our ramp to revenue time significantly and create a dangerous gap in productivity.

Are Your Employees Really Engaged?

Here are 6 classic warning signs to look out for:

  • Taking too much time out
  • Social and professional isolation
  • Nose-dive on quantity and quality of work
  • Bad attitude
  • Clockwatchers & time wasters
  • You have unhappy customers