Masonry Influencer Loyalty

Masonry Influencer loyalty

For a lot of products, the key drivers of purchase aren’t reliant on the customer as much as they do particular influencers. For a mason loyalty program, we need to collect the list of mason database before initiating the loyalty program.This is highly evident in construction, technology, and similar products that a common customer finds hard to comprehend. In such cases, it will not be off the mark to state that the influencer is the king.

Connecting with the key influencers and incentivizing them for their recommendations is a game-changer in these types of scenarios. Because these influencers aren’t directly part of the transaction, there’s a crying need for a centralized and formalized program simply to identify the key influencers and speak together.

We use multiple mechanisms and technological solutions to help manufacturers identify, connect together and incentivize key influencers through personalized applications.\

we need a database of the masons ( Influencer ) fraternity who were expected to influence – hence augment sales of the products of the cement company. Based on their contribution to sales the masons had to be incentivized and facilities for redemption had to be provided.

The Solution and Strategy needs to be adopted

• Database of the masons were obtained vide a KYC process :
• The database of the masons obtained from the field were verified by the call centre before the names were uploaded
into the system and unique ids provided to them
• Database of the dealers were already available with the principal with unique codes
• SMS based authentication was obtained from the dealer as to whether the sale had actually been consummated or not .
• The sales could also be authenticated by the dealer using a downloadable app on which he could register the sale
against the mason’s unique id
• Various engagement activities were planned time to time such as sales contests and health check-up camps
• Helpdesk was used for redemption purposes
• Tie-ups with specialized couriers were done to ensure reach into the hinterland of the country.
• A strict vigil was kept on the timelines of deliveries.