Loyalty Program Management

Loyalty Program Management

Loyalty program management includes the designing and implementing of a Loyalty program which encourages Customers to continue to shop a product or service from a brand. Loyalty program management uses a web based program for implementing the loyalty strategies as designed.

Implementing a Loyalty Program

loyalty program management is done with by choosing tactics and building a customer loyalty programs to boost sales. Implementing a Loyalty program involves customer loyalty startegy, acquiring loyal customers, customer database segmentation, innovative ideas of loyalty programs,metrics to measure loyalty programs and loyalty program automation etc…

Loyalty Program Management

4 Customer loyalty program Options by CXBOX

Loyalty programs involves the following options to implement the successful process.

  1. Points – earn points and redeem the rewards
  2. Discount – Immediate gifts and rewards on any customer activity
  3. Rebate – Rewards usage on specific time with emotional connection by loyalty
  4. Privilege – Tiers based privilege for members to break competition

6 Customer Retention Strategies by CXBOX

Consumer data enables the program management agency to design the strategies of CRM process

  1. Surveys and questionnaire
  2. Reviews and feedback
  3. Overcome buyer difficulties
  4. Loyalty program plan
  5. Personal and emotional connection
  6. Premium facilities and gifts

Loyalty program management have got benefits such asĀ  increasing Customer retention rates by 5%, profits are increased by 25% to 95%, improve customer reference, decrease marketing cost by 50% with improved business levels