Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

The concept behind the organisation and employees to understand and motivate the employees to feel and take the ownership of jobs is called employee engagement. Employee engagement is different from employee satisfaction. Employee engagement should be done meaningfully. Organisations should retain top talent for the growth of the organisation.

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9 opportunities to improve employee engagement

We from cxbox have employee engagement based on the essentials of an employee from a organisation. Cxbox identified some of the opportunity to improve employee engagement

  1. Happiness of employees
  2. Relationship to PEERS
  3. Relationship to Manager
  4. Ownership of jobs
  5. Recognition of achievement
  6. Feedback on job execution
  7. Health and wellness of employees
  8. Alignment of team
  9. Job fit and compensation
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Employee engagement software

A set of application programs to increase happy employees with job satisfaction and retain talented workers. Employee engagement software is administered by the human resource department.This is a readymade software and can be configured for any type of companies, it is served as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

How we offer employee engagement?

Cxbox provides the employee engagement and retention platform SMART EX EMPLOYEE SUITE to engage employees meaningfully by data driven, digital engagement, corporate wellness, innovative programs.Employee Engagement

How Employee Engagement software Works?

Companies utilize employee engagement software to understand more about the employee and promote company recognition for the employee success. A proven Plan of employee engagement is designed by CXBOX is mentioned below

  1. Understand about employees by reviews and feedback
  2. Design solutions based on companies vision
  3. Do necessary changes on time
  4. Implement based on analytics
  5. Build effective communication network
  6. Gamify the engagement environment
  7. Branded microsite
  8. Listen to ideas and suggestions from employees
  9. Configure business rules