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Types of Customer Loyalty Programs
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Different Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

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1.Point Based Loyalty Program – Spend More Earn More
Customer visits the Store for First time becomes member of any loyalty program.Customer purchase Some Products & Earns some points based on his purchase value.Customer Visits the same store again to redeem the points.

2.Tier Based Loyalty Program – Tier Upgradation Based on Spent Value
Customer visits again & Again to Earn More Points.Brand Frames tiers,discounts & Offers for their Customers.For Example Silver Customers will be having 0 to 1000 Points and receives 5% Dicount on Purchase value,Gold Customers will be having 1001 to 5000 Points and receives 10% Dicount on Purchase value and Platinum Customers will be having 5000+ Points and receives 20% Dicount on Purchase value.Each Customer Belongs to different Tiers based on their Points in point Wallet. Tier based loyalty program Encourage customers on tier Upgradation to earn more benefits.

3.Referral Loyalty Program – Refer More Get Benefited More
Encourages Customers to refer Family and friends to the Brand by Referral Loyalty Program.Each Customer refers a New customer with a offer and gets Benefited with a personal gift.Both referee and referer get benefited as Referee Gets 10% off on first purchase and Referrer gets gifts/Vouchers after first successful transaction from referee.

4.VIP member Program – Get Registered as VIP to Enjoy More
Paid Program is the VIP member club program with high value clients.Customers pay a monthly or annual fee to join your VIP member club with access to special services, discounts or unique opportunities.Free Car Parking, Gifts, Coupons,Scrath Cards & Much MOre.

5.Game based Program – Crazy Gamified Tools for Customer Loyalty
Gamification Based Interaction with Customers is known as Game based loyalty Program.Loyalty program into a game application to encourage Repeat purchases.

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